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Community Sitting Group

Community Sitting Group


Our Mindfulness Practice Group Space is open to all
curious hearts and minds:

Newcomers to mindfulness, those with some experience
or an established practice, and those on our Teacher Training Pathway.

Mindfulness means 'to remember'


Mindfulness has its roots in the Pali word ‘Sati’
and means ‘to remember’.

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Voice of Participants
Voices of Participants
Gentle approach...
Gentle Approach...

Susann’s sessions are suitable for all levels of experience. They are delivered with a clear and gentle approach. With such a broad background in meditation you are in safe hands with Susann who delivers the sessions with ease.

For my practice these sessions help to remind me of how important meditation is and how it helps me to manage my busy life. Having experience in Transcendental Meditation, Buddhist retreats and Tai Chi I find my weekly sessions with Susann enhances my meditation practice.

Mindfulness Practice...
Mindfulness Practice…

I enjoy being part of Susann’s Mindfulness Practice Community – she has a peaceful, welcoming space to meet and share with others who are interested in mindfulness.
As well as a guided mindfulness practice at each meeting, I really appreciate the time Susann offers to prepare and discuss the practice. Practicing mindfulness in this way helps me to feel more self-aware and grounded. Thank you Susann for your generosity!

Serene Environment..
Serene Environment...

Having no previous experience of Mindfulness, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I found was a very warm welcome from Susann, a lovely serene environment in which to practice, and a friendly group of people. I enjoyed the practice from the first meeting but am finding it more beneficial each time and leave our sessions feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed.


To practice with Susann and a group of local like-minded people is a tranquil and grounding experience, and the more I practice, I can respond with calm rather than react with panic when life gets hectic!


I’m just at the beginning of the journey to find peace within myself, myself in present, to appreciate what I have and where I am. Susann and our community helps me to find time to stop for a while and makes first steps much easier. Coming to the meeting is empowering, listening to others, but also being listened is like a gift I can give to myself with a note ‘enjoy your time, you are not alone’.


I lead a very busy stressful life and one way I think that has helped me to manage is through mindfulness – I have been able to feel more awareness and control of my thoughts, feelings, sensations and surroundings whilst in a lovely peaceful friendly setting. Giving me a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Focal Point in the Week...
Focal Point in the Week...

Our Mindfulness Practice Community that is run by Susann has given me a focal point in the week in which to join with a community looking for what is happening to us in the moment. I find that my ability to use this experience during the week grows with practice and brings peace of mind and body.

Time for Reflection>>>
Time for Reflection…

I enjoy being part of the group as I find it extremely peaceful and I am able to relax and feel so refreshed after the session. It has helped me a lot, allowing time for reflection and collecting my thoughts together.


The mindfulness practise helps me to recharge my energy; I feel more alert and focused afterwards and think of less things!

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We very much look forward to practicing with you and being part of our community!