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One-to-one Meetings with Susann Herrmann

Clinical / Occup. Psychol. (MA)

We are pleased to offer in person Private Sessions
following the new Government Social Distancing Guidelines
or if you prefer through our OnlineLive Meeting Space.

Mindfulness: Where Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Psychology

Do you find yourself in the midst of certain challenges, or trying to deal with past or future concerns?
Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, obsessive thinking or other stress related issues?
Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness?
Are you a caregiver of a loved one or coping with grief & bereavement?

How can we take care for ourselves in the midst of everything?
How can we support greater moments of well-being, wholeness, and living with purpose, meaning, and integrity?
How can we live with ease within the conditions of our contemporary world?

One-to-one Sessions and Private Meetings with Susann Herrmann provide a helpful new perspective
on these questions of how to live a fully human life in the contemporary world,
regardless of what we are facing.

Mindfulness is accessible to anyone 
regardless of faith, background, class, or gender

Each one of us is travelling on a unique pathway through life. Sometimes we are enjoying the journey, and in other moments we find struggle. In these more challenging times, we may seek guidance and support in order to move through it, in healthy ways.

In a one-to-one session, Susann Herrmann’s role is to enable you to apply mindfulness to your life and, in turn, live with greater awareness, balance and fulfilment.

Health and mental health are borne of understanding how distress is created and re-created in our mind. These processes can be seen and transformed – it becomes possible to respond in new ways.

Mindfulness training opens a space that enables greater discernment, wisdom, and responsiveness, by cooling the fires of reactivity and creating the space for responding in ways, that support our well-being and the well-being of those around us.

We learn to stabilize and harness our attention, intentionally and effectively. We access new ways of knowing and being, both experiential and conceptual, and know when to use them.

Voice of Participants
Voices of Clients
Tangible Skills…
Tangible Skills…

We all strive for answers and solutions in these times. What happens when everything we've always tried in the past has just got us to exactly the same place we were in a couple of years, months, days ago? Frustration, disappointment, hurt and feelings of anger just to name a few.
Mindfulness was the first thing that gave me some tangible skills to help me on my way to a new way of living. Many thanks Susann. You have been a brilliant teacher and guiding light for me over the past 14 weeks.

Mindfulness is Different…
Mindfulness is Different…

I had tried several different methods, over many years, to help me deal with anxiety and depression. More often than not however, I feel that they were either short term fixes, or that I was constantly relying on something (medication) or someone (a counsellor) to support me through difficult periods in my life.

Mindfulness is different. It helps me ’to be’ and allow me to deal with my own difficult issues, independently, in a way that nothing else I have tried in my life, will.

Important Moment…
Important Moment…

I was actually going to email you today to say that our sessions are, I think, an important moment in my life! I really feel that the principles and approaches of mindfulness are starting to come together for me and that they offer me a real opportunity to embrace life for what it is and live it to its full potential (what ever that maybe).

Stand the Pain…
Stand the Pain…

Dear Susann, just writing to express my gratitude, you are a wonderful teacher, thank you for your patience and all the beautiful teachings. I still do my meditation of choice but I remember all the important things I’ve learned about staying in the moment, detaching from my ego thoughts, being able to stand the pain one breath at a time, that it is ok even when it is not ok… It was brilliant, thanks again for your patience.

Focal Point in the Week...
Clarity & Confidence…

It has been very good working with Susann.
She has helped me to focus and keep up the momentum to achieve clarity and confidence during a period of considerable change in my life.
She enabled me to take the road that will lead to the life I really want to have. Thank you so much.

Peel Off...
Peel off...

Do you know how it feels to peel off the layers of clouds in your mind? And do you know what it means to raise your awareness just simply by spending time with yourself?
I am so grateful for what I have experienced with and through Susann. The Coaching process and mediation practice helped me to get back and follow my path. I still enjoy using the tools she has given me to maintain my fulfilled state. Thank you, Susann!

Humorous guidance…Part I
Humorous Guidance - Part I

I was struggling with control issues and anxiety. I had a very difficult potentially life changing decision to make and was paralysed by fear. I was spending no time at all in the present, only worrying about the future and reliving difficult moments in the past.
After less than a year working with Susann everything has changed…

Humorous guidance…Part II

…I made the decision I needed to make and have found the consequences much easier to bear than I was expecting. I am happier than I have ever been, because I now finally feel able to face myself, accept the bad with the good and to live with both. I still have lots of negative thoughts, but I am learning to watch them, and let them go, rather than following them to the point where I am heading for depression…

Humorous Guidance - Part II
Humorous guidance…III
Humorous Guidance - Part III

...Instead I bring myself back to the present where I can now connect much more meaningfully with friends and family and notice small things which make me happy. I feel strong and calm and I am actually living life as it happens! I feel incredibly grateful to Susann for her positive, clear headed, sensible and above all humorous guidance – it has really changed my life.

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Optional Initial Conversation / Meeting

For those of you who do not know Susann yet, you are most welcome to make an appointment to get to know her a little, and to see if you are a good fit before initiating regular sessions. Please get in touch and choose from the following options:

  • 15 min Initial Conversation on the phone free of charge or
  • 30 min Initial Meeting in Freshwater or OnlineLIVE : £ 35


General Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Susann can be single meetings, occasional meetings, or on-going regular meetings, whatever feels appropriate to you. Susann offers 50 mins sessions for a fee of £ 80:

  • in person in Freshwater
  • online via Zoom or Skype
  • or by phone

If you prefer, Susann can meet with you at your home. Please let us know and we will send you a quote, which includes the presence time, travel time and costs.

To work with Susann in a one-to-one capacity, please send an email.


Private 10 Session Mindfulness-based Programmes


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We very much look forward to welcoming you!