Mindfulness Retreat Day
1-Day Mindfulness Event
Mindfulness Retreat Day

Mindfulness Retreat Day

Suitable for new and experienced meditators

Saturday, 03 July: 10am – 5pm BST


Due to the current Corona Virus Pandemic, we are temporally moving this event to our OnlineLive Meeting Space.

Cultivating a relaxed, kind and curious attention to our moment to moment experience, we can recover our natural peace, clarity, wisdom and compassion. This capacity to pay attention in the present moment enables us to connect with ourselves more intimately and directly, understand the causes of both suffering and happiness and discover our natural freedom and ease.

In this day of silence, meditation and contemplation, we will explore this innate quality of awareness. When we stop trying, when we give up defending, thinking, controlling and effort-ing, only then can the brightness of awareness, which is always present and available, be fully known.

Specifically, we investigate how to cultivate mindfulness of breath, body, feelings and thoughts during different guided practice periods, and how to apply this to all waking moments. All levels of experience are invited.

You are most welcome to attend again.
You can use this as a refresher for your mindfulness practice or as a restorative day of silence in your life.

The practice day is appropriate for the general public as well as health care professionals (for details click here >>).

Details: Mindfulness Retreat Day

Led by:

Susann Herrmann,
Clinical / Occup. Psychol. (MA)


Zoom OnlineLIVE meeting space.

If you would like to checkout/test the online platform and your internet connection before hand, please feel free to contact us.

Date / Time:

  • Saturday, 03 July
    10am – 5pm BST
    Space opens 15min before we start

Registration closes on Fri 02 Jul, 8pm BST

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  • £ 45 

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Voice of Participants
Voices of Participants
Wonderful after-effects...
Wonderful after-effects...

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you again for yesterday’s Retreat Day. I have now had time to digest the day and feel the wonderful aftereffects of spending so much time with ’me’. I understand now why my partner raves about your teaching.

Changed my life...
Changed my life…

Thanks for introducing me to meditation and mindfulness. It’s easy to forget during the frustrating moments that it really has already changed my life!

Lovely guide...
Lovely guide...

I like the poetry of inspirational teachers. I realise that this is non-religious but I love the warmth and encouragement of wise people. Susann, you were a lovely guide. Thank you so much.


I have to say the effects of the day have helped me have a wonderful day today – it had the potential to be quite an annoying Monday and I have remained very unflappable! I am sure you will see me at another time in the not too distant future. Many thanks again.

Inspire me...
Inspire me...

Susann continues to impress and inspire me
– a truly remarkable woman!

Conducive to meditation…
Conducive to meditation…

I really did enjoy the day. The atmosphere was very conducive to meditation and I particularly loved the fact that the 60-minute sessions changed posture, which meant I could meditate for longer without getting uncomfortable.

Day of quiet...
Day of quiet...

The strengths of the event: being with like-minded people and having the opportunity to experience a whole day of quiet, just for myself...

Lovely environment...
Lovely environment...

I found most useful the guidance – certain comments /reminders at exactly the right moment. The slow re-introduction of communication at the end. The lovely environment...


Good mix of different practices.
I thought the silence was very powerful...

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We very much look forward to welcoming you!

Learning Objectives for participating health care professionals

Health care professionals will be able to incorporate the tools and practices offered in this Retreat Day in ways beneficial to clients or patients.

At the end of the Mindfulness Practice Day you will better able to:

  • Identify at least 4 benefits of mindfulness meditation.
  • Incorporate practices with clients to develop a sense of calm and contentment in chaotic situations.
  • Utilise experiential practices to develop moment to moment awareness.
  • Utilise mindfulness practices with clients to skilfully experience anxiety in the process of reducing it.

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